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BTB #128: Will the ‘Real’ Andrew Kent Please Stand Up?

Beyond the Book has cracked the case: Kent Anderson –a senior executive for a world-leading science journal – and Andrew Kent – author of the well-received Johnny DeNovo detective novel series – are one and the same man. “There is a yin and yang between my creative and professional sides,” Anderson admits. “I’m always dabbling […]

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BTB #127: This Way to Hollywood

It’s a century-old pursuit: Book authors hoping to make it big in the movie business. The explosion of video on the Web now lets authors introduce books and concepts to agents, producers and directors more quickly and easily than ever before. Newly-formed knows what Hollywood wants because it lives there. As company founder Rocky […]

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BTB #126: San Antontio: Great Plains and Texas Crossroad

It’s a TAA tradition: Geographer Robert W. Christopherson opens each annual TAA conference with a “geo-primer,” a one-hour crash course on geography and “place.” For this year’s visit to San Antonio, the award-winning geography textbook author explored the city as a point of convergence in geography and history, from the physical setting in the southern […]

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BTB #125: For Lunch, A Buffet of Trade Publishing Insights

Publishers Lunch creator Michael Cader last week visited CCC’s office to address a gathering of rightsholders. The trade book publishing guru-in-chief dished out reviews on the latest news on the Google Book Settlement case, and offered his take on vooks, instabooks, and much more. Hot business tips were served, too: “I’m a huge fan of […]

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BTB #124: At Frankfurt, CCC Has Licensing Covered

Please join Jake Kelleher from CCC at Frankfurt Book Fair in the Forum Innovation located in Hall 4.2 on Wednesday, 14 October at 13.45 and Thursday, 15 October at 10.00 for a half hour presentation titled Licensing Solutions to Monetize ALL Your Digital Content. Listen to Jake explain how leading publishers are leveraging web-based licensing […]

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BTB #123: For Frankfurt, Helpful Hints

With Frankfurt Book Fair opening next week, it’s time to check in again with Dawn Bruno, Global Publishing Team Leader and International Trade Specialist for the New York City branch of the U.S. Commercial Service (an export promotion agency within Commerce) and Volker Wirsdorf, the senior commercial specialist with the U.S. Commercial Service at the […]

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Upcoming Conference: Writers Face the Digital Age in Boston

“Shall We Write for Free or Shall We Write for Pay? Writers Face the Digital Age” – a conference on issues of vital concern to writers in every genre – is coming to the campus of Northeastern University in Boston, on Friday, October 16 and Saturday, October 17. Organized by the Boston chapter of the […]

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Best of BTB: Let the Chaos Begin!

October 1 opens “30 Days of Chaos,” a free national event dedicated to preparing for media and marketing’s digital future. Organized by Bob Garfield around the publication of his new book, The Chaos Scenario, “30 Days of Chaos” will enable and empower you, your organization, business or meet-up group to confront the issues of revolutionary […]

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