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BTB #150: Electric Literature Is Shiny New Home for Fiction

Tired of hearing that literary fiction is doomed in the digital age? Well, Scott Lindenbaum and Andy Hunter, were – in fact they became so tired of hearing that Kindles and computers were killing literary fiction, the pair from Brooklyn College started an online literary journal with a twist: They charged real money for it, […]

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BTB #149: Bringing Data to the Debate on E-book ‘Piracy’

As e-readers and e-books gather momentum in the early days of 2010, some book publishers find themselves on the horns of a marketing dilemma. Do they join the new e-book club to capture sales, or do they stand back to keep their content safe from online “pirates”? In a conversation with Chris Kenneally at the […]

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BTB #148: In Soho, A Digital Start-up From the Book World

When Jane Friedman and Jeff Sharp first became business partners several years ago at HarperCollins, they sought to join the eye of a Hollywood film producer for a striking image and the ear of a publishing executive for evocative language. The pair have since carried that approach forward with the creation late last year of […]

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BTB #147: Journalism Doesn’t Pay

The self-supporting journalist, making a living from assignment to assignment, is an endangered species. James Rainey, who reports “On the Media” for the Los Angeles Times, has recently documented the decline of freelance writing. Payment in the low-two figures is a joke no more. In fact, that would be considered living high for many reporters. […]

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BTB #146: At Digital Book World, A is for ‘Audience’

Next week, the two-day Digital Book World conference gets underway in New York City at a moment when – for better or for worse – the digital tide may become a tsunami for the book publishing world. Ahead of the first-time conference, Chris Kenneally spoke with Conference Chair and industry pundit Mike Shatzkin of the […]

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Mythconceptions: Debunking the E-Book Hype with Danny O. Snow

The following is a preview of an upcoming interview with Danny O. Snow, founder of Unlimited Publishing, who promises to debunk several myths about e-publishing. The podcast will be released on Monday, February 8, 2010. In 2010, the long anticipated migration of periodicals from print to Web is undeniably underway. Major daily newspapers including the […]

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BTB #145: Screen Culture: Covering The World In Words and Pictures

In 1000 days – sometime in 2013 – 11 billion square feet of digital screen surface will exist on earth, enough to cover the planet’s surface almost 50 times. For Peter Kaufman of Intelligent Television, the potential exists in the emerging global “screen culture” to transform everyone’s lives for good. Kaufman says online video programming […]

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BTB #144: Aims & Aimlessness of ‘A Good Talk’

Don’t expect A Good Talk: The Story & Skill of Conversation to improve your conversation skills, though it just may. For his new book, published today by Twelve Books, Daniel Menaker set out not to write a “how to” but a “what for” volume. He finds the mysterious origins of conversation in pre-verbal ape behavior. […]

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BTB #143: Attention Authors: The E-book Marketplace is Open

Media coverage for the Kindle and iPhone make clear that the time for e-books has arrived. While many publishers are prepared for the opening of this new marketplace, authors are likely to wonder what’s in it for them. Authorlink CEO Doris Booth tells Chris Kenneally, “The big question for all authors today is how can […]

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