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BTB #158: Waiting for Disruptive Change in Scientific Publishing

As Michael Clarke sees it, the reports of scientific publishing’s imminent demise are much exaggerated. The long-time STM editor and pundit has written extensively on the hardiness of this particular species of publishing even at a time when so many other related areas are withering. Reprising a recent contribution to the Scholarly Kitchen blog, Clarke […]

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BTB #157: Cory Doctorow Plays ‘The Price Is Right’ For E-Books

Sounding more like a college economics professor than a bestselling sci-fi author, Cory Doctorow offers his suggestions for how publishers should arrive at the “right price” for e-books. As for copyright, he defends “fair use” and questions strict interpretations of the phrase, “all rights reserved.” For publishers, authors and their readers, 2010 will likely go […]

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Best of BTB: What Makes a Book a Book?

For publishers, authors and their readers, 2010 will likely go down as the year when e-books finally and decisively won a permanent place in the literary hierarchy. At Beyond the Book, we’ve followed in recent weeks a number of angles in this important story: Covering issues from the pricing wars with Amazon and Apple, to […]

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BTB #156: Report: ‘The State of Copyright Age’

Traveling this weekend to New York City for the sold-out “Tools of Change (TOC 2010)” publishing industry conference? Consider putting on your schedule Copyright in Motion featuring Ned May, Director & Lead Analyst of the research firm Outsell. Monday, February 22, at 9 a.m., May will release his latest report, “The State of Copyright in […]

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BTB #155: The Printed Word: ‘A Technology’ like all others

In an interview recorded last month at Digital Book World on the morning before Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad, Evan Schnittman tells Chris Kenneally that even in a world dominated by bits and bytes, “Print is not going away. Print is a different metaphor, it’s a different technology, but it’s still a very, very, very […]

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BTB #154: Before Google ‘Fairness’ Hearing, Wasoff Reviews Latest

A class action lawsuit of historic scope. An Internet Goliath. Thousands of authors, publishers and other rightholders. National governments and multi-national corporations. These are the ingredients of a dish called the Google Book Settlement. First announced in October 2008, the Google Book Settlement returns to the table on Thursday, February 18, when the main course […]

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BTB #153: From the Frontlines of the E-book Wars

Ten years ago, when the “Big Bang” of online media gave birth to rudimentary e-readers, devices like the Rocket promised the moon but didn’t quite deliver. Today, the e-readers have proliferated in a kind of arms race underwritten by Sony, Amazon, Apple and even media giants like Hearst. There are nooks and Kindles, Plastic Logic […]

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Live Webcast: From the Frontlines of the E-book Wars

From the debut of the iPad to MacMillan’s challenge of Amazon’s pricing model for Kindle book downloads, the news in recent weeks on the multiple fronts in the electronic publishing revolution has raised many questions and heightened concerns for the future of our industry. Without any doubt, E-books Wars is the first break-out story of […]

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BTB #152: With E-Books, Take Time & Be Sure

In the middle of the e-book hurricane, it may be time for some calm thinking – along with a little debunking. Founder of Unlimited Publishing and book industry analyst Danny O. Snow tells Chris Kenneally now is a good moment for publishers and authors to stop all the rushing about. “Having observed what happened in […]

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BTB #151: OnCopyright 2010, Where Ideas Collide (Not People)

When it comes to typical conferences on the topic of copyright, four forces – technology, society, law, and the arts – interact to generate a charged debate. Conference organizer Bill Burger tells Chris Kenneally that OnCopyright 2010 will be different. For this “Collision of Ideas,” there will be a conversation rather than a confrontation. “Many […]

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