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BTB #216: Publishing, Dead or Alive?

Attend enough conferences on the future of publishing, and pretty soon, you start to wonder if the future of publishing is conferences about the future of publishing. The small talk and the big presentations alike often portray an industry that is diplomatically referred to as “in transition,” which can reliably be taken to mean, “on […]

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BTB #215: Context First: A Unified Field Theory of Publishing

Shortly after his keynote address to last week’s Tools of Change conference, Magellan Media‘s founder and industry blogger Brian O’Leary reiterated to Chris Kenneally his cautionary thesis against elevating content over context. O’Leary explained his concern over “the damage done, from my perspective, by the ‘container’ model of publishing. Specifically, we use the physical form […]

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BTB #214: Sharing Stories With A Message

When publishing veteran Ashley Gordon opened her Mockingbird Publishing venture last summer, she realized, “This was my opportunity to take what I’ve learned and do something that really made my heart move,” she explained recently to CCC’s Chris Kenneally. “At Mockingbird, I combine our publishing mission with the mission of a nonprofit and use books […]

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BTB #213: Two Paths, One Goal

One year into the iPad era, publishers, application developers and device makers remain in search of the holy grail: monetization of content. Two recent announcements from Apple and Google put their respective solutions on two divergent tracks. Joining Beyond the Book to discuss the open vs. closed debate is Ned May, Vice President and Lead […]

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BTB #212: For E-Books, an ISBN Dilemma

Not so long ago, a book was an unmistakable object. Then someone came along and started digitizing content, and very soon, books were something else, something much more than ink on dead trees. That transformation, indeed the redefinition of books, matters enormously to readers and publishers, as well as retailers and librarians. Without a way […]

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BTB #211: For Authors, The Brand Is A Commitment

What does it mean to an author that he or she needs to become a “brand”? It’s a commitment to readers, agree a panel of agents and publishing executives who spoke at the recent Digital Book World Conference in New York City. “The assumption used to be for many authors – and still is – […]

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BTB #210: Why E-Textbooks Make Sense

The reasons to welcome the arrival of e-textbooks are many, say a leading textbook authors’ representative and a literary agent with extensive experience in the field. Richard Hull, executive director of the Text & Academic Authors Assoc., and his TAA colleague, literary agent Michael Lennie, explain to Chris Kenneally why “Why E-Textbooks Just Make Sense,” […]

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