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BTB #247: In the Plex

Join CCC’s Chris Kenneally on a tour of a secretive lair where some of the world’s greatest engineering and entrepreneurial minds plot the campaigns of a global empire. The place is the Googleplex, Mountain View, California; our guide is Steven Levy, author of “In the Plex,” out this spring from Simon & Schuster. A senior […]

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BTB #246: Story Craft

“The universe,” poet Muriel Rukyeser observed, “is made up of stories, not atoms.” Writing coach to Pulitzer Prize winners and finalists, Jack Hart has a unified theory for storytelling thermodynamics: “Successful nonfiction storytelling requires a basic understanding of fundamental story theory and the story structures the theory suggests. Ignore them, and you’ll fight a losing […]

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BTB #245: The Answer to the Machine

Are content creators and the creative industries taking full advantage of digital technologies to streamline copyright permissions and boost their businesses online? In Europe, a proposed alliance of creative industries aims to build the essential technological framework for a modern approach to rights management. “The Answer to the Machine” – they propose – “ is […]

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BTB #244: Class On The Go

School’s out for summer, but the learning goes on around the clock in the digital age. Access to educational resources of all kinds is the great boon of the Internet, and entrepreneurs are looking to leverage the online lessons into profit. Ryan Meinzer, creator of PlaySay, a mobile application for language learning, recently spoke with […]

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BTB #243: Aggregation Violation

Whether from misguided practices, or misplaced good intentions, or lack of editorial oversight, the Huffington Post is on the carpet this week for aggregation violations that stop just short of plagiarism and copyright infringement. To sort out the rights and wrongs of online journalism when it practices aggregation, CCC’s Chris Kenneally spoke today (Wednesday, July […]

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BTB #242: Curation Nation

That roar you hear coming from your laptop or smartphone is the tsunami of content washing over us endlessly in the digital age. The deluge that overwhelms each of us every day in the form of waves of email and news stories, text and video and sound, is an unmediated mess – unless, of course, […]

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Best of BTB: Information For Innovation

A discussion with Martha Anderson, director of the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program for the Library of Congress, recording while attending the annual NFAIS Conference in Philadelphia. Anderson tells CCC’s Chris Kenneally about her efforts to collect all manner of digital content, from Twitter tweets to amateur videos. “I think the real value […]

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