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Best of BTB: The Writing Game

It’s late October, and while “the boys of summer” play out their last innings, professional and college football teams keep cheering crowds in their seats even as temperatures fall. And everywhere, the fans pore over the best in sports journalism. “I don’t want to pretend that sports figures are the best representatives of American culture, […]

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PW’s Week Ahead 10.28.11

With a new e-reading device arriving this week on the market, every book you read could have its own network. PW Features Editor Andrew Albanese tells CCC’s Chris Kenneally what he heard when Kobo‘s Matt Welch and Jason Gamblen stopped by the PW offices to show off Kobo’s new tablet, the Kobo Vox. “Kobo’s social […]

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BTB #257: Coker The Barbarian

Ahead of his keynote address this weekend to the annual conference of Novelists, Inc., Smashwords founder Mark Coker tells CCC’s Chris Kenneally who he fears in today’s turbulent publishing times. Hint: It’s not the Big 6. A self-styled “barbarian at the gates,” Coker believes authors now hold the cards and must be up to the […]

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PW’s Week Ahead: 10.21.11

Competition heats up in the e-reader/tablet market as Kobo introduces the determinedly “open” Vox reader, built on the Android 2.3 operating system. “[Kobo] has now made openness part of the deal,” PW’s Features Editor Andrew Albanese notes. “This is a big, big step for people who don’t want to be locked into the Apples or […]

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Best of BTB: Tips For E-Book Success

Later this week, CCC’s Chris Kenneally attends the annual conference of “Novelists, Inc.,” where he joins a distinguished roster of speakers including Angela James, executive editor of Carina Press, the “digital first” imprint from Harlequin. A prolific blogger, James is leading the charge to create a business model for e-books in trade publishing. She spoke […]

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PW’s Week Ahead: 10.14.11

Reporting direct from the show floor at Frankfurt Book Fair, Andrew Albanese brings word on the books and the deals that have the halls abuzz at the world’s biggest book and media fair. From the opposite side of “the pond,” at PW’s offices in New York City, reviews editor and blogger Rose Fox tells CCC’s […]

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BTB #256: Twitter By the Numbers

If you find yourself thinking in 140 characters or less, then you are a Twitter addict. The free online micro-blogging service, now five years old, is said to have nearly 200 million users worldwide, who generate more than 200 million tweets daily. Most Twitter users “tweet” only rarely, and instead turn to the Twittersphere for […]

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PW’s Week Ahead: 10.07.11

The eulogies poured in this week for Steve Jobs, whose vision of the computer as a media tool forever changed the way we look at creativity. Andrew Albanese, Features Editor at Publishers Weekly, considers the Apple co-founder’s legacy as well as looks to other media visionaries for insights, and reviews all the latest publishing industry […]

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BTB #255: Headed To Frankfurt 2011

In Danvers, Mass., there’s a look of fall on the local landscape, while the final plans are being made for the CCC team’s annual trek to Germany. Joining Chris Kenneally to describe CCC’s wide range of copyright and licensing related events at the Frankfurt Book Fair (October 12-16) – along with an invitation to join […]

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BTB #254: Balancing Act in Geneva

An international conference slated for Geneva October 13-14 will examine the sometimes contentious relationship between copyright information and infrastructure, and access to knowledge. Organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization or WIPO, the two-day program will tackle questions related to so-called “orphan works” and the linkage between protecting intellectual property rights and preserving the public […]

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