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BTB #277: A Book Apart

If you attend a publishing conference these days, you’ll hear about curation, a critical element in publishing that puts someone else – usually an editor – in the driver’s seat, deciding what you will read. Now comes BookRiff, a Vancouver based start-up that wants to make you the creator. As CEO Rochelle Grayson tells CCC’s […]

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PW’s Week Ahead 01.27.12

Returning from ALA’s midwinter meeting, which included the annual presentations of the Caldecott and Newbery prizes, PW’s Features Editor Andrew Albanese notes the number of issues facing libraries these days —from budget stress and complex technology, to copyright and legislative issues. “But no issue has loomed larger for libraries than the lending of library e-books,” […]

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BTB #276: Publishers Face Future With Growing Concern

This morning, on opening day of the 2012 Digital Book World Conference + Expo, James L. McQuivey, Ph.D., Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, detailed a survey of publishing executives that sees declining enthusiasm about their business chances in the e-book era. “People are generally optimistic still, but that optimism is waning,” McQuivey […]

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BTB #275: Copyright On the Continent

It’s a decade since the European Commission set out to create a uniform regime in Europe for intellectual property rights. For the tenth anniversary of that important effort – the 2001 InfoSoc Directive – the Commission presented in 2011 a new strategic approach, linking promotion and protection of IP rights as a way to boost […]

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BTB #274: Measuring the E-book Market

The e-book revolution is underway, and moving beyond North America. Using actual data – and not forecasts – The Global eBook Market: Current Conditions & Future Projections, is considered an important step to understanding the global impact of this watershed publishing moment. “We saw that reading devices, as well as tablet devices, have been very, […]

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PW’s Week Ahead 01.20.12

In a week that saw Apple go to school, lawmakers on Capitol Hill watched Wikipedia go dark in opposition to the proposed Stop Online Piracy Act. When the lights came back up, there was a new gunslinger in town. “The tech business has shown that its lobbying machine has some game with the way it […]

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BTB #273: Mike Shatzkin Previews DBW Conference

As the third annual Digital Book World Conference prepares to open in New York City on January 23, Digital Book World organizer Mike Shatzkin, founder and CEO of the Idea Logical Company, tells CCC’s Chris Kenneally that attendees should expect news and insights linked to the very latest industry data. Among the highlights, says Shatzkin, […]

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BTB #272: The HybridBook Arrives

Once upon a time, there were only two kinds of books: Good books, and all the others. In recent years, though, books have really started to branch out. Soon enough, it’s going to get pretty tough to say what is, “a book” – or what isn’t “a book.” While printed books endure, many wonder whether […]

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PW’s Week Ahead: 01.13.12

The rallying cry from Republican presidential candidates this winter is an echo of Ronald Reagan’s famous line that “government is not a solution to our problem – government is the problem.” That’s also a sentiment some publishers subscribe to, and they are taking the cause to Capitol Hill. “This week, an intense discussion kicked up […]

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BTB #271: Now At CCC, Michael Healy Looks To Future

As Copyright Clearance Center expands its business models to address a broader set of licensing issues facing its customers, Michael Healy, the newly-appointed Executive Director of Author & Publisher Relations is expected to be instrumental. In September 2011, Healy joined CCC after serving as Executive Director (Designate) for the Book Rights Registry, and previously, as […]

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