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BTB #282: Henican OnCopyright 2012

If you’re a lawyer, you call it, “I-P.” If you work in Hollywood, or at a big Manhattan publishing house, you call it, “entertainment” or “information.” And if you’re an avid reader, a loyal theatre-goer, or a music fan, you call it a very important part of your life. And we are all talking about […]

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PW’s Week Ahead 02.24.12

The arrival in January of Apple’s new iBooks Author tool for developing and publishing digital literature may signal a new phase of e-book development that’s good news for tablets, and maybe not such great news for e-ink readers. At least, that’s the view of a PW blogger Peter Brantley, who also serves as the Director […]

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BTB #281: Global Publishing For All

In the publishing world, regime change is underway. It’s not happening in Tahrir Square or even in Times Square. The old is giving way to the new in the virtual square, and players like Ingram Content Group have declared themselves on the side of the new regime. In his role as Ingram’s Chief Content Officer, […]

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PW’s Week Ahead 02.17.12

Organized by the iconoclastic technology publishing house O’Reilly Media, the annual “Tools of Change” conference has offered a staging for what PW’s Andrew Albanese calls, “a classic clash of traditional publishing institutions and new technology.” Albanese tells CCC’s Chris Kenneally, “There was a real sense that the publishing business is now a digital first game—even […]

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BTB #280: The Tablet Generation

The world’s first generation of tablet-using children is toddling toward day care, pre-school, and kindergarten with their e-readers tucked into their backpacks. These kids and their e-book usage habits may have a great deal to tell a generation of publishers who only thought an apple was something you brought to school for the teacher. “Children […]

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PW’s Week Ahead: 02.10.12

Every spring and fall season, Publishers Weekly selects a dozen or so authors with promising debuts in fiction. It’s a rather coveted distinction—any new author, especially in fiction, fears being lost in the onslaught of the season’s titles, so to get singled out in the months leading up to their pub date can mean a […]

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BTB #279: Publishing University Arriving in San Francisco

For almost 30 years, the 3,000-member Independent Book Publishers Association has focused its efforts on the success of emerging and experienced publishers through education. For 2012, the IBPA has moved its annual Publishing University event to the West Coast and arrives at the Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf Hotel in San Francisco on March 9 for two […]

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BTB #278: Going Mobile in 2012 – Five Things To Know

The infiltration of mobile technology into every nook and cranny of our professional and personal lives is irrefutable and irreversible. Very likely, you are hearing this podcast as played through a mobile device, even while you stay current with e-mail and check the latest stocks or sports scores. And in this election year 2012, voters […]

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PW’s Week Ahead: 02.03.12

They sell books, don’t they? This week, Amazon and Barnes & Noble make news over which books they sell – and which ones they won’t. And a new entry in the fantasy genre, Rose Fox tells us, finds Hurricane Katrina unleashing magical forces as well as meteorological ones. “Ever since Amazon began expanding its publishing […]

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