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PW’s Week Ahead 03.30.12

Magic wand and e-reader in hand, Harry Potter returned to the spotlight on the publishing industry stage this week. Pottermore, the official digital home of the seven-novel series from J.K. Rowling launched this week. In the days ahead, when talk turns to evil-doing, it’s likely to involve old “you-know-what” – that’s right, DRM. “You know […]

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BTB #288: From Pulp to Pixels

It sounds like a roster of bands playing at the local music club this weekend: Park Avenue Tramp. Killing Cousins. Lovely Executioner. But instead, those are titles from a new e-book publishing house that aims to give a second literary life to pulp fiction authors and their works. On March 1, F+W Media announced creation […]

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PW’s Week Ahead 03.23.12

There will always be books, if only because Hollywood would die without them as sources for scripts. As The Hunger Games takes aim this weekend at movie audiences, agents and producers who are doing lunch in Lalaland should know that paranormal romances and dystopic futures are so yesterday. Meanwhile, Toni Morrison fans have something to […]

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BTB #287: In Europe, iPad May Mean iPay

Across Europe, magazine publishers have greeted the arrival of the Apple iPad with cheers. As media consumption of such tablets and other handheld devices grows in popularity, publishers see an opportunity to establish new business models for digital news and entertainment. Subscriptions and app purchases are among the ways magazines hope to engage readers and […]

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BTB #286: Howkins Keynotes OnCopyright 2012

“New ideas, not money or machinery, are the source of success today,” notes author and business consultant John Howkins. In the book, The Creative Economy: How People Make Money from Ideas, and his subsequent work, Howkins has called attention to the economic value of “creative people, creative industries and creative cities” in an era when […]

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BTB #285: News from Digital Book World

Like the clans gathering for the St. Patrick’s Day parade, the houses came together in New York on March 13 for the annual meeting of the Association of American Publishers. The audience at the McGraw-Hill auditorium on Sixth Avenue heard the book business’s near-term future likened to the music industry’s recent past, and they were […]

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PW’s Week Ahead 03.16.12

The skies in Philadelphia are clear, but inside the Pennsylvania Convention Center, more than 8000 public librarians have gathered under cloudy and foggy conditions to ponder the challenge of e-book pricing and availability. Reporting from the bi-annual Public Library Association conference in Philadelphia, PW Features Editor Andrew Albanese notes a strong turnout of PLA members, […]

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Best of BTB: Measuring the E-book Market

The e-book revolution is underway, and moving beyond North America. Using actual data – and not forecasts – The Global eBook Market: Current Conditions & Future Projections, is considered an important step to understanding the global impact of this watershed publishing moment. “We saw that reading devices, as well as tablet devices, have been very, […]

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PW’s Week Ahead 03.09.12

Digital changes everything – and disrupting business models is only part of it. Relationships among partners likewise are undergoing radical transformation. In the quiet halls of public libraries, the rising volume of buzz you hear is what to do about those publishers. “The tension between libraries and publishers is at a fever pitch,” PW’s Andrew […]

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BTB #284: Besek Previews OnCopyright 2012

Join Copyright Clearance Center at Columbia Law School’s Kernochan Center for Law, Media and the Arts on Friday, March 30, as we focus on the health and future of the global, creative economy, at a time of changing technology, economic uncertainty, and a mixed prognosis for artists, authors, publishers, musicians, filmmakers and other creators. “I […]

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