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BTB #298: Innovator’s Guide to Copyright

In the new-fangled digital world, what every author and publisher needs is a good, old-fashioned copyright! At least, that’s the view of Skott Klebe, Manager of Special Initiatives at Copyright Clearance Center, who will speak at BookExpo America on Wednesday, June 6 about how and why copyright applies to a range of important issues facing […]

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PW’s Week Ahead 05.25.12

What’s black and white and green all over? 50 Shades of Grey, of course. The bestselling and controversial adult novel from E.L. James has sold over 10 million copies in print and digital since Random House acquired publishing rights from independent publishing start-up Writers Coffee Shop. And it’s not even summer reading season. “Six weeks […]

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BTB #297: BookExpo 2012 Preview With Steve Rosato

Business cards? Check! Online show planner? Advil? Check! Baby powder? Er, um… check? If you’re preparing for BookExpo America, you’ll need all of that and more. At least that’s the advice from the man responsible for the largest annual book trade fair in the United States. BEA arrives at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in […]

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PW’s Week Ahead: 05.18.12

Today’s edition is made possible in part by Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., providers of provocative and timely titles for general readers, and professional and scholarly books throughout the humanities and social sciences. Visit them at BookExpo America, booth 3758. The family that is book publishing is preparing for another annual reunion – otherwise known […]

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BTB #296: Free E-books Is Gluejar’s Mission

It sounds like a caper in a Wallace and Gromit movie. Liberate the e-books. But that unlikely mission is the work of Gluejar. A technologist, entrepreneur, and writer, Eric Hellman is Gluejar’s president, who became interested in technologies surrounding e-journals and libraries after 10 years at Bell Labs in physics research. “We want to offer […]

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PW’s Week Ahead 05.11.12

Authors’ representatives – otherwise known as literary agents – have done some writing on their own this week. In a missive to the US Department of Justice, the board of the Association of Authors’ Representatives (AAR) conveyed “in the strongest terms possible” its opposition to a proposed settlement with three publishers over alleged e-book price […]

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BTB #295: The Trouble With E-Book Pricing

Consumers are taking to e-books fast – almost as fast as they have taken to the readers and tablets where e-books live in the digital world. A February 2012 report from the Pew Research Center found that one in five US adults had read an e-book in the last year. The latest figures available from […]

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BTB #294: E-Books – You Can’t Write Just One

The price of e-books is on many people’s minds, including the Federal Department of Justice, which recently sued Apple and three leading publishing houses. At least as much as consumers care about getting the lowest price, however, authors and publishers care about getting a fair price for their works. But when you’re the author and […]

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PW’s Week Ahead 05.04.12

The parties returned to Judge Denny Chin’s Manhattan courtroom yesterday for motions in the Google Books Case. The search engine giant sought to remove the Authors Guild as an associational plaintiff, even as the Guild pushed for its own motion to certify the class of authors. And what about the publishers? Well, they were elsewhere, […]

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