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BTB #326: The New Frontier of Bookselling

At the Keystone Resort in the Colorado Rockies (elevation: 9300 feet), PubWest – the Publishers Association of the West –held its annual conference this weekend. In his opening keynote, Oren Teicher, CEO of American Booksellers Association, called for a closer alliance between indie publishers and the indie booksellers who make up the bulk of PubWest […]

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The Week Ahead 10.26.12

The countdown begins: Confirmation from Pearson that it is talking to Random House about a merger with Penguin, its trade book publishing division, could see the Big Six drop a notch. “This would be massive stroke of consolidation for an industry that has been steadily consolidating for decades,” Andrew Albanese, Publishers Weekly features editor, tells […]

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BTB #325: Copyright-Friendly Textbooks

Copyright frequently has a way of outpacing technology. The two forces of innovation all too rarely intersect, at least for many authors and publishers. But a month-old startup with ambitions to revolutionize textbook publishing has made copyright permissions an integral part of its app. “Professors and librarians who’ve looked at Ginkgotree have really loved the […]

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The Week Ahead 10.19.12

Like the book business itself, the Frankfurt Book Fair is undergoing a metamorphosis. Yet while publishers continue their own transformations, the Fair organizers have already emerged from a chrysalis with a new kind of show. “The Frankfurt Book Fair has succeeded in doing what the larger pub community is still in the process of doing,” […]

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BTB #324: A New Chief for Teleread

A venerable blog site covering all aspects of digital publishing, Teleread posts on a host of topics from e-readers and other physical devices to innovative virtual libraries. A recent item documented the curious repercussions of Amazon’s return policy – for e-books. For twenty years, in fact, Teleread has served the publishing and reading communities as […]

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The Week Ahead 10.12.12

Even as the publishing industry converges in Frankfurt, Germany, for the world’s largest annual book fair, the news keeps breaking elsewhere. This week, in Stockholm, the Nobel committee awarded the Prize in Literature to Mo Yan of China. And in a New York courtroom, the Authors Guild heard the bare facts on fair use from […]

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BTB #323: Books Get A Showcase From Ganxy

Billed as the world’s biggest book and media trade exposition, Frankfurt Book Fair 2012 opens tomorrow, Wednesday, October 10. As much as the book business is now a technology business, so the Frankfurt Book Fair is also a technology fair. Numerous start-ups are on hand to launch their products and services into the limitless digital […]

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BTB #322: “Open Access,” The Book

In scholarly publishing, the movement toward “Open Access” – essentially, making it possible to read and re-use published research without cost or permission – is often taken as a challenge to copyright. But according to OA evangelist Peter Suber, author of Open Access (MIT Press, June 2012), OA treats copyright just as do “traditional” publishers. […]

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The Week Ahead: 10.05.12

Trade book publisher Penguin sets to thaw out relations with libraries, but the move on e-book sales is seen as cold comfort by some. “The program is still very restrictive,” explains Andrew Alabanese, Publishers Weekly features editor. “For one, it windows new books for six months. Then, libraries only get a single-year license. Think about […]

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BTB #321: Publishers, Google Settle “Books Case” Lawsuit

A pair of Frankfurt Book Fairs have made appropriate book-ends to the longstanding Google Books lawsuit. Brought in October 2005 against Google by the Association of American Publishers and, separately, the Authors Guild, the suit charged copyright infringement. Today, October 4, less than a week ahead of the 2012 Frankfurt Book Fair, the Internet giant […]

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