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US Internet Users Are ‘Captive Audience’

In partnership with Fordham University’s Schwartz Center for Media, Public Policy, & Education, Copyright Clearance Center is pleased to present the latest installment of the Schwartz Center Broadcast series, introduced by Schwartz Center director Bill Baker, and presented by Evan Leatherwood, Associate Director for Communications. Ten years ago, the U.S. led the world in the speed and inexpensive cost of Internet access, […]

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Shades of Grey… And Green

Random House parent company Bertelsmann has put a cap on a record year for the global publishing giant with an announcement that worldwide revenue at RH rose almost 23%, while the companies’ profits operating margin jumped almost 76%. “Those are both astounding figures,” Andrew Albanese, senior writer for Publishers Weekly, tells CCC’s Chris Kenneally. “So what’s the key driver there? […]

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Academic Publishing: Obsolete

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” It’s not a proverb that applies to much of publishing in 2013, particularly scholarly publishing. Advances in technology; demands for greater information access; and challenges to academic hierarchy have combined to put authors, editors, and publishers – and even readers – on notice that the system needs repair, renewal, and […]

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Copyright Reform Next?

Publishers prepare to pack for London, while the Supreme Court sends John Wiley & Sons packing with a copyright-related ruling that the First Sale doctrine applies as well in Bangkok as it does in Berkley. Ahead of the London Book Fair, running from April 15-17, Publishers Weekly has a preview of attractions, including Rachel Deahl’s “London Briefcase,” detailing […]

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A New Brand Of Book News

On the minds of many publishers today is the challenge of branding.  Many an observer has noted the light touch of branding in the book business – After all, few readers ever ask for the latest book by Random House or HarperCollins. At F+W Media, by contrast, president Sara Domville stresses branding within communities of content and readership.  […]

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Millionaires By the Book

With the tide of e-book sales rising fast, the number of million-selling digital titles has likewise swelled. That’s good news for authors and their publishers, and lest we forget, heartening too for all makers of devices. Yet bookstore owners can take heart as well: Hardcover sales for 2012 saw a respectable number of titles break […]

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A New Type of Literary Agent

Pitching and selling book projects to editors over lunch in Manhattan dining clubs. If that’s your picture of a literary agent’s life, it’s time for a make-over. A radical make-over, in fact. Literary agents have long occupied a place on the edge of publishing; essential – somehow – yet rarely visible and only vaguely defined. […]

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Tech-Based SXSW Festival Goes Literary

Live and learn. In 2009, book business representatives took their show on the road to Austin and were met with a hail of digital brickbats. Four years on, the techies and the booksters have found common ground at the upcoming SXSW Interactive Festival. “In 2009, the publishers came off as disengaged, and frankly unaware of the […]

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Cory Doctorow On When Computers Disobey

Imagine your computer is designed to disobey you – even worse, to hide things from you. Arthur C. Clarke imagined such a computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey. The HAL 9000 “super computer” famously sabotages a deep space mission when it turns on the human crew. As one astronaut attempts to disconnect “Hal,” the machine with a […]

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In Books, Everyone’s Declaring Independence

Across the publishing industry, all the players are proudly declaring independence. Authors have cut ties with publishers and agents and found success in more than “50 shades.” Determined to survive in their brick-and-mortar forms, “indie” booksellers are fighting for their rights in court. And at least one public library system has created a platform for […]

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