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In Hills of Books, Finding Gold

In 2013, buying and selling rights in the digital age has never been easier – or harder. Clearly, good books can – and do – come from anywhere. And if you’re a literary agent or literary scout,  that’s also the challenge: getting to the good works is as laborious as prospecting for gold. Even while […]

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Waiting for Digital

Ars longa, vita brevis – Art is forever, while life is short. Art books have enjoyed long lives, too. Collectors and art lovers have made them mainstays of coffee tables and bookshelves for generations. In digital form, though, the keepsake quality vanishes – leaving art book publishers to wonder how much time is left for them. […]

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Liisa McCloy-Kelley

Recipes For Successful E-Books

The questions editors and designers must ask when developing e-books are not only different than for printed volumes, but also different between e-versions of cookbooks and poetry collections, notes Liisa McCloy-Kelley, vice president and director of e-book development and innovation at Random House. “With a cookbook, we’re trying to create a book that’s easy to read, that […]

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Readers Reap Big in E-Book Case

In the latest news on the e-book price-fixing case, consumers are slated to share in a pot of damages that will keep them reading and reading. In Denise Cote’s courtroom, though, it’s “read ‘em and weep” for Apple’s attorneys, as the judge’s rulings continue to confound them. “Rust Consulting, the firm retained to administer the […]

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Bringing Back the World to the World News

Once upon a time, journalists could reasonably say, “we don’t make the news, we only report it.” In 2013, though, journalism is the story. E-commerce pioneer Jeff Bezos, the Amazon founder, has purchased the Washington Post from longtime owners the Graham family, reminding everyone of the struggle for survival that now overwhelms the newspaper business in […]

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Crying Foul in E-Books Case

Publishers and Apple are calling it unsettling: The Department of Justice, they say, wants to torch existing settlement agreements with top publishers in the just concluded e-book price-fixing case against the iPad-maker. Yet do the Feds want harsher terms and double-strength compliance measures – or simply, a flourishing and competitive e-book marketplace? “A lot of […]

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When Authors Need Critics

Print remains black and white. But the world of publishing is suddenly every color of the rainbow – a rainbow that’s followed on the thunderstorm of independent publishing. The  explosion in the number of book titles often frustrates authors and readers alike, who are left without critical assessment or direction necessary for book discovery. BlueInk Review, […]

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A Vote For Amazon From Obama

One worker’s good job is another one’s hard luck story. At least, that’s true when it comes to Amazon and independent bookstore owners and staff. In Tennessee earlier this week, President Barack Obama toured an Amazon “fulfillment center” and touted the Internet giant’s creation of thousands of jobs. His visit raised objections not only from the usual […]

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