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Independent Publishers And More

As the newly-appointed executive director for the Independent Book Publishers Association, Angela Bole sees an opportunity to grow the organization in the midst of dramatic change across the industry. “Recently, IBPA has really embraced the self-published author,” Bole says. “It means a broadening of our potential membership.” The nation’s largest independent book publishers trade association, IBPA is highly-regarded […]

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What Price Collusion?

Where Judge Denise Cote has already found that Apple and a cohort of leading publishers conspired to fix e-book prices, she must now rule on the damages due consumers. “The damages model was created for the plaintiffs by a team led by Roger G. Noll, Professor Emeritus of Economics at Stanford University,”Andrew Albanese, Publishers Weekly senior writer and author […]

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Global E-Book Market Report Returns

In time for the recently-concluded 2013 Frankfurt Book Fair, Vienna-based publishing consultant Rüdiger Wischenbart has released yet another update for The Global eBook Report: Current Conditions & Future Projections, documenting and analyzing how e-book markets have emerged in the US, UK, continental Europe, Brazil, China, India, Russia and the Arab world. “Over the last few years, we have seen […]

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Frankfurt Stays Hot

Right-sized and re-made, the Frankfurt Book Fair retains its pre-eminent position in the global publishing industry, digital revolution and all. “A lot of business can now be done over the Internet, and frankly, you don’t need to bring the teams you used to have,” notes Andrew Albanese, Publishers Weekly senior writer. Total attendance for the recently-concluded fair, Albanese reports, […]

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What Subscription Data Can Teach Publishers

In a world of content and data overload, everyone could use some advice in information management.  Corporate and academic librarians feel the pain and the burden most.  The content challenges they face daily range from difficult decisions on acquisition to the dilemma of delivery – ensuring that content users get what they need when they […]

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Frankfurt Book Fair Highlights

In the home of the printed book, the crowd is looking well beyond the page and seeking reconciliation with the digital world. At this week’s 2013 Frankfurt Book Fair, Markus Dohle, CEO of the recently merged mega-publisher Penguin Random House, even made headlines for speaking kindly of a much-feared Web giant. “Dohle expressed his belief […]

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The Force Remaking Scholarly Publishing

Since earlier this year, influential research funders have mandated “open access” publishing practices that are sparking dramatic re-tooling of longstanding business models. When “authors pay,” what should publishers expect to face? At the Frankfurt Book Fair today, Copyright Clearance Center presented a frank discussion on the “OA” challenge with Robert Kiley of the Wellcome Trust and a panel of leading publishers […]

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How Superfans Can Save Book Business

There is a new way of doing business that everyone in publishing needs to understand, says Nicholas Lovell.  Customers today are no longer “one-size-fits-all”; they come in a wide variety, from freeloaders to super fans. What’s also changed, Lovell says, is that people find it increasingly easy to find the content they want to consume for […]

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Book Business Sees Positive Side

Confidence in a brighter future has sold a few books in its time. Norman Vincent Peale called it the “power of positive thinking” and certainly, it worked for him – the bible of self-help has sold more than five million copies since it first appeared in 1952. Today in publishing, where so much about the […]

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