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Apple Looking To Buy Time In E-Book Case

In a federal courtroom in Manhattan, attorneys for Apple in its e-book price-fixing case are offering up lessons in creative legal maneuvering. This week, for example, Apple argued that Judge Denise Cote – who ruled last July that the computer giant had colluded with major publishers —  does not have jurisdiction over its damages trial. […]

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Jason Brockwell

Global Publishing Through Outsourcing

In publishing, the old is giving way to the new. With a combination of print-on-demand and related digital services, there’s potential today to reach customers globally in both print and electronic formats. At PubWest 2013, the annual conference of the Publishers Association of the West, leading providers of outsourcing services for publishers noted how the choice […]

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Authors Take Publishing Gold?

Self-publishing – at least in its digital form – no longer carries a stigma. Indeed, for Amanda Hocking and Hugh Howey, among many others, self-publishing has paved a path to profit and celebrity. But a smoldering debate on just how much authors really stand to gain when they light out for the self-publishing territory has […]

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Publishing University 2014 Preview

San Francisco is 49 square miles surrounded by reality – at least that’s what a member of the 1960s psychedelic rock band Jefferson Airplane believed. Next month, the famed city by the bay welcomes authors, publishers, artists, and technologists for a hard look at the reality of independent publishing in 2014. On March 21st and 22nd, Publishing University – […]

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Consumer Protection For E-Books?

Statewide consumer protection legislation that guarantees availability of e-books in public libraries. If that sounds like a good idea, there’s a catch: any such laws would likely run afoul of national copyright regulation. And it all comes down to digital. Charged with ensuring a fair marketplace, the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection this week issued a 21-page […]

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CCC Hosts Open Access Forum

For an Open Access Forum to capture the very latest in mood and information, London is the obvious setting. The British government as well as UK-based funders have led the push to adopt fundamentally new business models in scholarly publishing. Moreover, scholarly publishing has deep and strong roots in London, where it arguably began in […]

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Appetite for Books

Readers remain hungry for cookbooks. Featuring everything from grilled meats to roasted vegetables, the print and digital servings from publishers large and small feed a healthy appetite among home cooks and librarians. “Cookbook sales remain red-hot,” notes Andrew Albanese, senior writer at Publishers Weekly. “Interesting – isn’t it? – that in this wired age, you can find […]

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Tech Panel

The Machine, the Reader and the Community

In a discussion on new directions in publishing technology for CCC’s RightsLink Forum, a panel of experts observed that “the machine is the new reader” and they considered the implications for their businesses. “We’re seeing the dawn of the age [when] people really like to… see a machine do the thinking for them,” noted Gerry Grenier, […]

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