David NygrenBill DeluiseFor their membership, scholarly societies deliver many benefits and serve many needs. Customer perception of how well an organization performs directly impacts service costs and the success of the society’s mission. The latest business intelligence is essential in order to retain and engage existing members – and attract new ones.

Earlier this year, 13,000 researchers, university faculty, government staff and many others who produce, consume, or support research answered the annual Wiley Membership Survey. The only membership survey of its kind in the world, the Wiley Membership Survey uncovered why scholarly societies that target “content, community and career” may be best positioned for future growth.

Last week in a special webinar, Copyright Clearance Center partnered with Wiley for a “first look” at the survey results and what they could mean to a publisher’s future. Speaking with CCC’s Chris Kenneally to an audience of editors, administrators, marketers, member services managers, as well as several CEOs and a Chief Membership Officer, were two senior Wiley executives who guided development of the survey and tabulated the results.

Bill Deluise is the Vice President of strategy and marketing for Wiley’s society journals publishing program.  He joined Wiley when it acquired Blackwell Publishing in 2007, for a combined sixteen years with the organization.  Bill has held roles in books editorial, journal publishing, controlled circulation publishing, digital product development, continuing education program management, business development, innovation management, strategy, and marketing.

David Nygren has been with Wiley for 14 years in a number of roles and is currently Vice President, Research Insights.  His team uses a variety of research techniques to inform investment decisions, including primary and secondary market research, analyses of sales, usage and bibliometrics data, as well as web analytics to inform platform development.

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