A Global Information Exchange From RightsDirect

Victoriano ColodrónIn Geneva, Switzerland, at the headquarters of the World Intellectual Property Organization, representatives of governments, public institutions, universities, along with many others interested in copyright licensing practices, all gathered in November 2010 for Facilitating Access to Culture in the Digital Age.

According to WIPO, “The goal of the meeting [was] to raise the awareness of Member States on the complexities underlining a vast variety of licensing practices in different sectors, including the online market for music, the software industry and open access publishing… The global meeting provide[d] an opportunity for the exchange of national and regional experiences and information.”

As part of that information exchange, Victoriano Colodrón, executive director of RightsDirect, briefly provided a summary of that new organization’s own efforts across Europe. As a European subsidiary of Copyright Clearance Center, RightsDirect provides flexible copyright licensing solutions to multinational corporations seeking ways to navigate the complexities of cross-border copyright issues.

“The employees of multinational corporations need to be able to re-use and share text materials across boundaries in a lawful and seamless way,” Colodrón told the audience.

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