Amiad SolomonThe Semantic Web says Tim Berners-Lee, the man who coined the is “a web of data that can be processed directly and indirectly by machines.” Perhaps more helpfully, it comprises “methods and technologies to allow machines to understand the meaning – or “semantics” – of information.” For online commerce, intelligent semantic technologies will help to forge more precise connections to drive business opportunities.

At Peer39, the focus is semantic advertising. “Innovations in sentiment, topic, classification, and ad selection analysis improve relevancy and enable better CTR, ROI, and conversions. The algorithmic intelligence generated by SemanticMatch™ technology enables granular, targeted advertising that boosts revenues for publishers.”

Peer39 LogoAccording to President and Co-Founder Amiad Solomon, a successful semantic approach to ad placement for online news sites will eliminate any need for “cookies” that may compromise an individual’s privacy. “We actually don’t use cookies. We don’t track users. We look at pages, we look at content, and by doing that in real time, we’re ready to provide information about the page to the advertiser in real time without any association to who the user is,” Solomon explains.

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