Stephen MichaudDoris BoothMedia coverage for the Kindle and iPhone make clear that the time for e-books has arrived. While many publishers are prepared for the opening of this new marketplace, authors are likely to wonder what’s in it for them. Authorlink CEO Doris Booth tells Chris Kenneally, “The big question for all authors today is how can they strategize to better cover the marketplace, the total marketplace, because I think there’s a whole lot of confusion.”

Drawing on her experience as an author advocate and her knowledge of publishing technology, Booth details the basic approaches and stresses, “How many readers are you missing? Well, there are already three million e-reader units installed in the marketplace this year.”

New York Times best-selling author Stephen Michaud joins the discussion to report that with seven e-book titles now in print, “my e-book readership is not cannibalizing my hardcover or hard copy readership.”

For more information from Booth about the e-book marketplace, please download this brochure (PDF)

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