Lois WasoffA class action lawsuit of historic scope. An Internet Goliath. Thousands of authors, publishers and other rightholders. National governments and multi-national corporations. These are the ingredients of a dish called the Google Book Settlement. First announced in October 2008, the Google Book Settlement returns to the table on Thursday, February 18, when the main course is served in a “Fairness Hearing” before Judge Denny Chin in his New York City federal district courtroom.

As we have done from time to time over the last year, Copyright Clearance Center invited attorney Lois Wasoff, our house expert for the Google Book Settlement, to take a close look at the very latest developments in the case and particularly, objections and comments filed regarding the “Amended Settlement Agreement” (ASA). She spoke with Chris Kenneally on February 12, and gave her unique perspective on the challenge raised by the U.S. Department of Justice’s statement: “The United States believes that the Court lacks authority to approve the ASA.”

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