Kathleen ConkeyRachel ChouAndrew Richard AlbaneseThe flow of e-reader devices onto the consumer market has quickly shifted from a trickle to a flood. With consumers captivated by the iPad, nook, Kindle, Skiff Reader, and QUE, a massive surge in demand for digitally distributed content is inevitable. As a result, those who write and publish are struggling with a new wave of questions. How will device pricing models affect contracts and content ownership? How will copyrights be enforced in increasingly blogged, socialized, and cross-linked world? How can an author distribute their own work without compromising themselves or their publishing agreements? What will the e-book wars mean to writers and publishers? How can publishers broaden distribution without increasing risk?

On May 20th at the Samsung Experience in New York’s Time Warner Center, Chris Kenneally examined these and other questions with Andrew Richard Albanese, writer and features editor for Publishers Weekly; Rachel Chou, Chief Marketing Officer for Open Road Integrated Media; and attorney Kathleen Conkey (former in-house attorney at MTV Networks,CBS and King World Productions).

A video from the event is also available:

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