Christopher Kenneally Diane FeldmanIn today’s information age, publishing timelines have become increasingly tighter and tighter. With this rush to publish, corners may be cut and your book or manuscript may not receive the editor attention that you and your audience expect. As a writer, you need to know what to expect from editors, how best to communicate with them, and how to recognize the signs that you should look for your own editor.

By special arrangement with the Text and Academic Authors Association, Beyond the Book presents “It’s 2007. Do You Know Where Your Editor Is?” At TAA’s annual conference on text and academic authoring, Beyond The Book’s Christopher Kenneally was joined by his own editor, Diane Feldman, to discuss the different types of editors and the important roles that they all play. Feldman is the principal of AuthorCraft Editorial Services, and has been writing and editing professionally for over 20 years.

Kenneally and Feldman discuss:

*The different types of services that editors provide
*The editorial services typically provided by publishers of books, journals and other publications
*How to communicate with editors and establish the level of editorial service to be provided
*When to seek editorial assistance for a writing project and where to look
*The cost of editorial services and how to get the most value for your editorial budget


This podcast was originally recorded at the TAA conference in Buffalo, New York June 22-23, 2007.

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