Col. Dan BaggioJane ArrafMike HoytIn today’s program we present the first part of a three part series from the Miami Book Fair International on Reporting Iraq (published earlier this month by Melville House).

“Some of the most interesting things that war correspondents see and do don’t make it into the newspapers. At this event, we’ll get to hear about their first-hand experiences,” said panel moderator Christopher Kenneally, Director of Author & Creator Relations, CCC. “This war has been extremely dangerous for reporters. They live and work under extreme peril. This program will tell us about the risks and hazards they lived with, and what it’s really like to be a reporter there.”

The panelists include Jane Arraf, a freelance NBC News correspondent, Mike Hoyt, the executive editor of Columbia Journalism Review, and Colonel Daniel Baggio, Chief of Army Media Relations, assigned to the Office of the Chief of Army Public Affairs at the Pentagon.

Miami Book Fair LogoThis podcast was originally recorded at the Miami Book Fair International on November 10th at the Dade College Miami FL.

Click Here for more information about the panelists.

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