BTB #35: Book Indexing Basics – Leverage the Power of Information

Seth MaislinAmerican Society of Indexers LogoBoth in print as well as for online media, content that is properly indexed earns enhanced value in the marketplace. In fact, a well-made index can help authors and publishers to leverage better the power of the information age for their business success!

In Book Indexing Basics – Leverage the Power of Information, we present a Beyond the Book conference call discussion with Seth Maislin, a partner with Potomac Indexing.

Maislin, the Immediate Past President of the American Society of Indexers (ASI), addresses a range of issues including the basics of good indexing; the first steps toward writing an index; as well as how to judge index quality. This is a must-listen for authors, editors, publishers, readers and potential indexers alike, as they will gain a wealth of insights in an aspect of book publishing too often (and unjustly) underestimated.

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