Dr. Erin OksolThe Text and Academic Authors Association presented Breaking Writer’s Block: How to overcome the psychological inhibitions that keep you from writing with Dr. Erin Oksol at their annual meeting in June.

This podcast focuses on both the possible causes of writer’s block and strategies to minimize and move through writer’s block. The session also included some experiential exercises to help participants learn how to manage and conquer the anxiety that causes and maintains writer’s block.

Dr. Erin Oksol is a licensed clinical health psychologist at the Student Health Center at the University of Nevada, Reno and an adjunct professor for the School of Medicine. She has a private practice and is the President of the Nevada State Psychological Association (Northern Region). She led a Thesis/Dissertation Support Group in which the focus was on helping students achieve their writing goals in the face of lack of motivation, anxiety, and/or competing contingencies.

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