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Eradicating Library Deserts

There are more of these than the number of McDonald’s restaurants across the United States, more even than the number of towns and cities in all 50 states, yet they are hiding in plain sight. The inconspicuous and ubiquitous institution is the public library – as much part of the national landscape as baseball diamonds, […]

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Pallante To Lead Publishers

The revolving door was invented in New York City, but it was perfected in Washington, DC, where it possibly gets the most use of anywhere in the world. A once-prominent figure on Capitol Hill has again popped up in the busy neighborhood surrounding K Street. On Thursday, the Association of American Publishers announced that Maria […]

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Reading and re-reading Obama

Earlier this week, President Barack Obama delivered a farewell address from the same stage where he celebrated his election victory in 2008. As the world reflects on the Obama presidency, Beyond the Book takes another listen to a podcast from 2010, recorded at BookExpo America, with Jonathan Alter, then a Newsweek columnist and today at […]

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2016 Global Book News In Review

The United States has by far the largest publishing industry of any nation in the world, followed by China and Germany. Some of the fastest growth is seen in national markets across Asia and the Middle East. Young populations with access to the Internet on smartphones are demanding content that is relevant to their dynamic […]

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Barnes & Noble Has Post-Holiday Hangover

The holiday season marks the time of year when just about everyone wishes for miracles. As 2016 ended, the book world crossed its fingers, closed its eyes and said a quiet prayer for an upturn in sales. This first week of January, booksellers and publishers have tallied up their business activity in the stretch between […]

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2016 Technology News In Review

“Progress” is supposed to be a given in modern human society. We expect our technology to advance, year over year, and for maintaining that pace, we rely on Moore’s Law. In other words, last year’s model is always obsolete. One way to distinguish 21st century technology over that of other eras is that processing power […]

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2016 Book Business News In Review

The word of the year for publishing in 2016 was data. It was such a big year for data, in fact, that it’s always called, “Big Data.” As publishers remake themselves into information providers for the digital age, they will likely need to abandon the old notion of content as their product. At the annual […]

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Where Copyright And Technology Collide

When it comes to digital technology, the story is all about the disruption. From Napster to Uber, YouTube to Twitter, and Kindle to iPhone, innovative devices and Web-based services have made good business from displacing established players. Digital disruption can deliver a crushing blow, but technology may also help to repair the damage – just […]

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As 2016 Ends, Librarians Look Ahead

In the weeks before the curtain falls on 2016, editors and reporters are madly making lists – not of gifts they wish for, but of stories from the last twelve months they can’t forget or stop talking about. 2016 has made an indelible mark, of course – in politics, in war, in sports, and in […]

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A New Digital Book World Ahead

“The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one.” Unhappily, many working in the publishing industry know too well how swiftly this wry observation can become true. The best way to keep your job in publishing is to open your mind to new ideas, says Ted Hill, chair of the Digital Book […]

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