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Politics Trumps Publishing

“The election of Donald Trump was not only a shock to the nation, but also to publishers, and many are now pivoting to put some books on Trump, and America in the Age of Trump, onto their Spring 2017 lists,” reports Andrew Albanese, Publishers Weekly senior writer. “Atlantic Monthly has what is very likely to prove a bestseller—How the […]

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WorldReader Brings Digital Library To Africa

A visit to the local library is a common ritual for families with young children. Even the smallest library’s shelves are stocked with many an armful of story books for bedtime. In developing countries across Africa, the physical library is a rare enough sight. Books themselves are a luxury, even where literacy rates may be […]

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Post-Election, Book Sales Rebound

Throughout the long and contentious US presidential election campaign, a nation’s attention was fixed on reading tweets and emails. Three weeks after the surprise result that will take Donald Trump to the White House for the next four years, publishers and booksellers alike now hope Americans will want to read something – anything – else. […]

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From Page to Screen

At such an event as the recent Miami Book Fair, everyone may be forgiven for thinking of reading and writing as natural. Certainly, these activities seem natural to us all, but reading and writing are not natural at all. Speech is natural to humans, as natural as songs are for birds. Writing and reading make […]

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The Varied Voices of Science

Picture in your mind a research laboratory. The researchers working there may wear the same white coats, and their faces may be obscured behind safety glasses and gauze masks, but they are, naturally, individual human beings –newly-minted Ph.D.s and much-respected Nobel laureates; men and women who speak with distinct voices and who hold a wide […]

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Publishing’s Big Night Out

At the National Book Awards on Wednesday night, the program ran a close second to the winning authors for its diversity and its high entertainment quotient. The evening’s master of ceremonies, Larry Wilmore, brought to the gala the same sharp wit he had shown as host of The Nightly Show on Comedy Central. Yet the […]

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Meet An Open Access Hero

For taking on the challenge of Open Access, the real heroes are publishing professionals like Raegel De Guzman of BMJ Group in London. In the last year alone, BMJ has launched seven new Open Access journals, including one that is wholly-owned by a society. De Guzman says the path to success has relied on a […]

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Big Data Big Trouble

Equal parts mathematician and political activist, Cathy O’Neil has calculated the impact of algorithms on society.  For the most part, she says, big data adds up to big trouble. When it comes to human activities, algorithms are expected to be models of objectivity, owing to their basis in mathematical formulae and reliance on enormous quantities […]

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Books In Browsers Returns

Born in a world before smartphones and tablets, the Books in Browsers conference was once aptly named, as it concentrated on reading online. In 2016, of course, digital reading is about much more than books and browsers. After a one-year hiatus that allowed organizers to rethink the focus, the two-day conference returned last week to […]

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The Power of Content

In May, Copyright Clearance Center acquired UK-based Ixxus to help harness the power of content and licensing. Together, CCC and Ixxus are now working with publishers to develop a “content-fi­rst” strategy that combines advanced semantic enrichment, a “single source of truth” content repository, and other exciting tools, says CCC CEO Tracey Armstrong, who spoke about […]

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