Among 2017’s Best A Memoir of Caste

“It’s a rare feat when a personal story clearly elucidates hotly-contested political battles. Gidla’s deep generosity of spirit is evident on every page.”

At Global Frankfurt, Publishing Is Local, Political

In 1989, the last time French authors and publishers were Guest of Honor at Frankfurt Book Fair the Berlin Wall still stood. Yet in 2017, along the miles of aisles across multiple trade show complexes, a visitor could almost believe that the generation since had not witnessed much technological change.

Anticipating Frankfurt 2017

Heading into 2017, the Frankfurt Book Fair is simply a better event, says Andrew Albanese. The Literary Agents & Scouts Center (LitAg) has set a new attendance record with about 500 tables sold this year.

BISG Rights Program About “Significant” Opportunity

Rights and permissions have evolved from a back-office service department that was supposed to get stuff done and stay out of the way. In the modern era, with the introduction of software packages and digital rights management, these departments have become significant revenue producers.