What Video Games Can Teach Publishing

In this “Best of Beyond the Book” episode, award-winning video game developer and novelist Jakub Szamalek asserts, “I’m absolutely convinced that books and games are not competitors and that people are likely to do both.”

AAP Sales Numbers Mixed For 2016

“The publishers in AAP’s StatShot program reported that revenues declined about 6.6% over 2015. Overall, revenue for 2016 was $14.25 billion, down from $15.26 billion in 2015,” says Andrew Albanese.

Getting Rights Right

As basic a question as “Who owns the rights to a work?” doesn’t always yield a ready answer.

Netflix Model for E-Book Library Lending

“For library patrons, the HarperCollins deal means 24/7 access to titles in the selected collection—no more waiting on a hold list for these titles,” says Andrew Albanese.

Celebrating Iconic Audiobooks

As it celebrates 25 years of publishing authoritative audiobook reviews, Audiofile magazine is also celebrating the audiobook too.

Librarians on the Move

“As the pace of digital change quickened, librarians have found themselves at once evangelizing for digital technology and wrestling with its implications.”

Checklist for a Professionally Published Book

The Independent Book Publishers Association sees a bias against indie voices in book award contests, media reviews and inclusion on bookstore shelves. To ensure that books are judged on merit and quality rather than on the size of the publisher or the author’s business model, IBPA has made available an industry standards checklist for a professionally published book.