Álvaro CarvajaApril 26 is WIPO’s World IP Day, and copyright is an important part of intellectual property. “Protecting copyright encourages the production of creative works”, says Álvaro Carvajal, Colombian publisher and president of Centro Colombiano de Derechos Reprográficos (CDR), the collective management society for authors and publishers in Colombia.

Speaking [in Spanish] with CCC’s Victoriano Colodrón from Bogotá, Carvajal highlighted the need for licensing solutions for universities and other types of content users to be able to lawfully make digital uses of text-based works, as a way to show respect for copyright and ensure appropriate remuneration for authors and publishers.

Álvaro Carvajal is editorial advisor to Ecoe Ediciones. A bookseller and a publisher, he founded and led Libros, a publishing information magazine; was the editorial manager of the university press at  Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas; and founded and led the Colombian association of university presses, ASEUC.

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