Ryan MeinzerSchool’s out for summer, but the learning goes on around the clock in the digital age. Access to educational resources of all kinds is the great boon of the Internet, and entrepreneurs are looking to leverage the online lessons into profit.

Ryan Meinzer, creator of PlaySay, a mobile application for language learning, recently spoke with CCC’s Chris Kenneally and described how his own business sprang to life on the mobile platform.

“In Japan, everything is done through the cell phones. The minute I landed, I saw people checking out in grocery stores with their cell phones; buying things through their cell phones; getting on the metro through their cell phones,” Meinzer explained. “It was a natural progression for me to take this product to mobile first… because I was incredibly mobile myself. The only time I had to learn Japanese – the only free time I had – was on my commute to and from work.”

PlaySay LogoBefore his current venture, PlaySay, Ryan led the international business of a Japanese marketing firm in Tokyo, Japan with Fortune 500 and major multinational clientele. His areas of business expertise are international sales, business development, marketing, and ecommerce. Ryan received angel investment for his current venture, PlaySay, by an executive of the multibillion-dollar corporation PayPal Japan.

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