Sara DomvilleAs the online media marketplace evolves, publishers recognize they must redefine their businesses. The path Cincinnati-based F+W Media has chosen leads directly to the consumer via communities of shared interest, from writing, screenwriting, and fine art to genealogy, craft, woodworking, and design. By opening communications channels to its audiences, F+W curates editorial output and facilitates discovery.

“With our deep knowledge of content, we’re able to tailor the content and products and services to exceed consumers’ expectations,” F+W President Sara Domville explains to CCC’s Chris Kenneally. “We have a curated, guided approach,” she continues. “It’s like having a personal shopper at your right hand, telling you what you need to buy next in order to go from a beginner to an intermediate to an advanced, whether it’s an artist, whether it’s someone interested in craft, whether it’s antiques, numismatics, whichever of our verticals you’re in.”

Since 2008, when Domville became President at F+W Media, the definition of a book, not to mention that for bookstores, has evolved dramatically. Last week, for example, Chris Kenneally spoke with Ben LeRoy, who heads up F+W imprint Tyrus Books, which is publishing a series of pulp fiction classics in e-book form.

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