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Melville House LogoDennis Loy JohnsonIn a Miami Book Fair Preview, Dennis Loy Johnson, author and Melville House Publishing cofounder, remembers how one book blogger met another, leading to Johnson publishing then-23-year-old Tao Lin. On Sunday, November 15, at the Miami Book Fair, Tao Lin and Chris Kenneally discuss the young author’s newest work, Shoplifting from American Apparel, and what it means to be called, “a newfangled writer with some excellent old-school storytelling techniques.”

Also at the Miami Book Fair on Sunday, November 15, Kenneally interviews NPR’s Bob Garfield on his latest book, The Chaos Scenario, describing the business dilemma confronting all forms of advertising-supported media, from newspapers to broadcast TV. “We’re not at the beginning of the collapse, we’re in sort of the middle of the collapse,” he says.

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