Frankfurt Book Fair “Hot Spot” Presentations Highlight Digital Transformation Journey.

Chuck HemenwayFor all its celebration of literature, science, and creative expression, Frankfurt Book Fair in 2017 can often feel like a technology business trade show. Software vendors tout a myriad of solutions for digital transformation, from facilitating collaboration on a global scale to delivering analytic insights from deep within big data.

In Hall 4.2, technology vendors take their turn in the spotlight at a series of 30-minute “hot spot” presentations targeting scientific and technical publishers. Coming up in October, Copyright Clearance Center and its subsidiary Ixxus host a pair of these hot spotsCCC’s Chuck Hemenway provides a preview for both events in this special edition podcast.

On Wednesday, 11 October, at 11:00, Ixxus presents, “Knowledge Engineering: The New Business Value Accelerator in the Digital Transformation Journey.”

“This really pertains to the journey of digital transformation,” notes Hemenway. “Everybody’s talked about it – we all need to transform our businesses. Knowledge engineering is a simple extension of that thinking – getting at the real assets that are locked up inside data and mastering the tools of mining, analytics and semantic enrichment required to get there.”

On Thursday, 12 October at 3:00 PM (1500) CCC offers, “An Open Access master class for publishers – University APCs.”

As Hemenway tells CCC’s Chris Kenneally, “We started out this OA journey a few years ago, working from the publisher end because that’s where it’s the most critical to have these new functionalities. Now, we’re building up from that foundation to meet the institutions where they are, and the funders where they are, to let them get access to that shared data and to have approval workflows that for years they’ve been asking for.”

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