SiNae PittsThe infiltration of mobile technology into every nook and cranny of our professional and personal lives is irrefutable and irreversible. Very likely, you are hearing this podcast as played through a mobile device, even while you stay current with e-mail and check the latest stocks or sports scores. And in this election year 2012, voters are expected to carry their smartphones into the voting place with them while they later tweet about the results.

To look ahead at the ways mobile technology will transform the way we conduct business, carry on relationships, and keep touch about what’s going on the world, CCC’s Chris Kenneally speak with SiNae Pitts, CEO at Amphetamobile, who specializes in mobile app development for education and scholarly publishing. She provides her “top five” mobile trends to watch for in 2012, based on reports from industry analysts and observing end-user usage patterns.

Pitts foresees the rise of “an app- Internet that offers a faster, simpler and a better user Internet experience. The Web isn’t going away – the Web is just a software architecture on top of the Internet. The app Internet will be the new way devices – and not just mobile devices, but also desktop devices and servers – are going to be communicating through Internet.”

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