Glen ReynoldsRob H. AftDavid WhiteSooner or later, independent filmmakers realize that a thoughtful distribution strategy is as important as an engaging script. At last week’s Digital Hollywood conference in Los Angeles, a panel of distribution experts urged their largely “indie” audience to be mindful, however, that “do it yourself” does not mean “do it alone.” They offered insights on partnering strategies and tactics to increase the chances of distribution success.

“From my experience in North America, I can say that sales agents and distributors often have no idea about how to get your film distributed, outside of the big brands, and outside of the US,” noted New Zealand-based David White, CEO of IndieReign, an online marketplace filmmakers can use to bypass distributors and sell directly to independent film lovers. “The rest of your market is global.  And there is a market for your film.  There are hundreds of possible platforms.”

CCC’s Chris Kenneally moderated the discussion that  included Rob H. Aft, President of Compliance Consulting LLC, a media finance and distribution consultancy, who has also served seven terms as a member of the Board of Directors of the Independent Film and TV Alliance (IFTA), and Glen Reynolds, owner/CEO of Circus Road Films, providing strategic advisory services to independent filmmakers.

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