BTB #298: Innovator’s Guide to Copyright

Skott KlebeIn the new-fangled digital world, what every author and publisher needs is a good, old-fashioned copyright! At least, that’s the view of Skott Klebe, Manager of Special Initiatives at Copyright Clearance Center, who will speak at BookExpo America on Wednesday, June 6 about how and why copyright applies to a range of important issues facing new media and new content delivery methods.

In 2012, e-books, multimedia applications, the cloud, and other online publishing platforms have forced publishers and authors to review how they apply copyrights in order to protect their published works. Intellectual property law in the US and elsewhere is also grappling with how the borderless Internet maps to the territoriality of copyright. Joining CCC’s Chris Kenneally with a special preview of his BEA presentation, “An Innovator’s Guide to Copyright,” Skott Klebe shares his thoughts on the relationship of technologists and innovators to the notion of copyright. Are they friends? Frenemies? Or gladiators locked in mortal combat? It depends, of course.

Klebe presents, “An Innovator’s Guide to Copyright – Focus On New Media and New Content Delivery,” on Wednesday, June 6, from 10:00 am – 11:20 am, in Room 1E02, Javits Convention Center.


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