Andrew AlbaneseLibraries provide a welcoming space for the public to explore the world’s knowledge or to enjoy the uplifting distractions of a good book. Librarians who offer such a welcome are also ready to stand for principle when the moment calls for it.

On a week of disheartening news from Orlando, the impending arrival there of the American Library Association’s annual conference has compelled ALA members to respond with support and comfort to a community in shock.

“ALA officials first offered their support for the LGBTQ community, and they pledged to continue their mission to educated and enlighten, to bring communities together, and to stand up against ignorance, and hate,” reports Andrew Albanese, Publishers Weekly senior writer.

“In Orlando, we also have a bit of serendipity—one of the main stage speakers is Jazz Jennings, a 15-year-old transgender advocate. Jennings’ message of love and acceptance—a theme that is on display throughout the ALA program—comes at the right time.”

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