Andrew AlbaneseA January thaw is upon us – Not in the Northeastern US, where temperatures have been in the single digits for days, but certainly in Libraryland, where a major trade publisher has announced an innovative e-book lending program for libraries. Coming just ahead of the Midwinter meeting for the American Library Association in Seattle this weekend, the news may be as welcome there as a warm coat on a freezing cold day.

Macmillan has finally announced that it is set to begin its first e-book library lending program by the end of the first quarter,” Andrew Albanese, senior writer at Publishers Weekly, tells CCC’s Chris Kenneally.

“This is a pilot project, and under the plan, Macmillan will offer libraries some 1,200 backlist e-books from its Minotaur Books imprint,” Albanese explains. “But here’s what’s interesting—the program will launch with Baker & Taylor, OverDrive and 3M all selling titles to library systems—and what’s interesting about that, is the choice. If you’re Overdrive, which pioneered e-lending for libraries and still dominates the market, that sound you hear is the footsteps of other vendors coming for you’re a piece of your marketshare.”

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