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Copyright Clearance Center provides a fast, convenient way to license the reuse and reproduction of your published content. For publishers and authors, CCC representatives are the Rights Licensing Experts.

Pre-authorize your work
Pre-authorizing your works with CCC allows content users to get instant copyright permission while enabling you to retain control of your work and set your own royalty fees. CCC collects royalties on your behalf and all agreements are non-exclusive and can be canceled at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-authorizing your works with CCC is easy:
1. Complete and sign the CCC Rightsholder Agreement (PDF) and Rightsholder Participation Form (PDF).
2. Complete a CCC Pricing & Payments form (PDF), and include a list of Works to be Permissioned (PDF).
3. Complete and sign an IRS Form W-9 (PDF).

Mail your completed forms to:
Copyright Clearance Center
C. Kenneally, Rightsholder Relations
222 Rosewood Drive, 6th floor
Danvers, MA 01923

Questions? Contact a representative.

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