Facilitating copyright permissions for academics and professionals; protecting the rights of authors and publishers. In Argentina, CADRA manages both goals, allowing for the copying and sharing of published works, as well as compensation for these re-uses.

On behalf of CCC’s International Advancement Program, “Beyond the Book” is very pleased to present a special series of three interviews in Spanish with CADRA’s Executive Director, Magdalena Iraizoz, speaking with Argentine journalist Susana Reinoso. Recorded in Buenos Aries, these three programs outline CADRA’s objectives and functions; how CADRA’s licenses for content users work; and CADRA’s services and benefits for its author and publisher members.

Collective management of copyright in the text world is a reality in many countries around the world – made possible by Reproduction Rights Organizations (RROs) like CADRA, and in the US, by Copyright Clearance Center. Based in Brussels, the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organizations (IFRRO) forms a global network of such collective management organizations, together with various creators’ and publishers’ associations.

More information about CADRA  is available on their website – www.cadra.org.ar – and on Facebook and Twitter.

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