From the debut of the iPad to MacMillan’s challenge of Amazon’s pricing model for Kindle book downloads, the news in recent weeks on the multiple fronts in the electronic publishing revolution has raised many questions and heightened concerns for the future of our industry. Without any doubt, E-books Wars is the first break-out story of the year in book publishing. And we can expect it to remain a leading headline-maker throughout 2010.

As host and producer for “Beyond the Book,” I take seriously our commitment at the non-profit Copyright Clearance Center to serve authors and publishers with innovative licensing solutions that lead to expanded markets and systems that facilitate content reuse. The Beyond the Book series strives to be a premium resource for knowledge on the latest business issues facing today’s dynamic publishing industry – from initial research to final publication, and beyond.

On Wednesday, February 10, from 2 to 3 p.m., I look forward to hosting a special live streaming edition of “Beyond the Book” that will look at all sides of the e-book story and what future battles in the e-book wars may bring to the print and digital marketplace.

Joining me will be the leading journalists and analysts who have been covering the war:

Here’s the really exciting part for me. On Wednesday, for the first time at “Beyond the Book,” we will take your calls at 1-646-378-1949. With my panel and your help, I plan to peel back the layers of this complex story in the search for clarity.

Thanks in advance for joining me on Wednesday, February 10, at 2 p.m., on our new Live Webcast page or our channel at BlogTalkRadio. But if you can’t be with us “live,” remember that the show will be available shortly after it ends in our regular podcast series, too.

You can learn more about this and other stories at the Beyond The Book Facebook page and Twitter feed. You can also follow what the publishing industry has to say by clicking on the #ebookwars hashtag on Twitter.


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