Michael HealyAs Copyright Clearance Center expands its business models to address a broader set of licensing issues facing its customers, Michael Healy, the newly-appointed Executive Director of Author & Publisher Relations is expected to be instrumental. In September 2011, Healy joined CCC after serving as Executive Director (Designate) for the Book Rights Registry, and previously, as Executive Director at the Book Industry Study Group. He spoke recently about his new work with CCC’s Chris Kenneally.

“Throughout the course of a set of conversations with Tracey Armstrong, the CEO here, it became clear to me that the organization had a really exciting future, and some very ambitious plans,” Healy recalled. In particular, he cited as his “immediate priority… an exciting new service, namely the Permissions Acquisition Service. This is full-service bureau for those publishers, agents, and authors who need help acquiring permissions for their frontlist and indeed their backlist publications as well.”

In its own report on CCC’s new service, Information Today notes that “the digital era has … ushered in a proliferation of new formats while increasing the permissions required to republish content.”

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