Jennifer GoodrichAnna ClementsDavid BakerIn laboratories and universities, Open Access can make for a two-headed menace.  Funding mandates for publishers and authors that require Open Access policies feed one head of this double dragon. Compliance reporting obligations for institutions feed the other.

“We can minimize these problems and overcome many of these issues by identifying and describing our shared data with common vocabularies,” says David Baker, Co-founder/Executive Director of  CASRAI – Consortia Advancing Standards in Research Administration Information – that is dedicated to reducing the administrative burden on researchers and improving business intelligence capacity of research institutions and funders.

As part of an ongoing Open Access program series from Copyright Clearance Center, Baker joined Anna Clements, Head of Research Data and Information Services, University of St Andrews, to help sort out for publishers exactly how open standards for publication data are the best and quickest way to enable Open Access. Also speaking with CCC’s Chris Kenneally was Jennifer Goodrich, Director, Product Management , CCC, who is closely involved with developing the company’s RightsLink for Open Access solution.

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