Orna RossAndrew AlbaneseCalvin ReidAt BookExpo America last month, the buzz at the show wasn’t about any new titles or even any new apps, but about the bareknuckle brawl between Amazon and Hachette over eBook pricing.

Now available at Soundcloud.com/BeyondtheBook is a new series of Beyond the Book “micro-casts” – brief audio recordings with pointed answers from journalists and analysts to important questions facing the publishing industry.

To kick off the series, we wondered, “As Amazon and Hachette exchange blows over eBook pricing, whose side are you on?”

Calvin ReidPublishers Weekly senior news editor, made note of the story’s context: The book business in 2014, says Reid, is just like any other facing digital disruption. Our Beyond the Book weekly guest Andrew Albanese, Reid’s colleague at Publishers Weekly, sounded just a little surprised by the question. And Orna Ross of the London-based Alliance of Independent Authors says her BEA experience hinted at a new direction in publishing that goes well beyond this particular turf battle.

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