Barry TopolThe K-12 student assessment market is constantly evolving. In recent years, states have faced the emergence of next generation assessments, computer-based and computer-adaptive testing, Common Core State Standards, new assessment models and more.

But what developments will impact testing next? What trends are still developing?

For the latest on what states are planning, developing and implementing, Copyright Clearance Center invited Barry Topol, Managing Partner of Assessment Solutions Group, to share insights on the latest market trends and the impact on assessment programs.

“Not only is the testing pendulum swinging from more to less testing, it is also swinging from more federal control and emphasis of testing in state accountability systems to much more state control, and perhaps more important, a reduction in the importance of testing in state accountability systems,” Topol tells CCC’s Chris Kenneally in a recent webinar.

“States will now decide on how testing will figure in their accountability systems, as well as the remediation steps that will be taken in states and districts not meeting state accountability requirements,” he added.

ASG LogoCurrently Managing Partner of Assessment Solutions Group (ASG), a firm providing assessment cost, management and state accountability systems analysis and consulting to states, universities and other non-profit institutions, Barry Topol has worked with a number of different states and assessment consortia to assist them in designing their assessment and accountability systems. In addition, he has presented at Congressional staffer briefings, industry working meetings, state board of education meetings, local government meetings and state consortia governing board meetings.

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