Kate GaleTwo words that have an increasingly antagonistic relationship – “profit” and “publishing.” But Red Hen Press, based in Pasadena, California, has made a virtue of being a not-for-profit.

Founded in 1994 to publish and promote literary works often overlooked by the mainstream, Red Hen Press has built its catalog and balanced its checking account by becoming a virtual hub of the Los Angeles area literary community. With 250 titles published to date, Red Hen Press can claim a Guggenheim Fellow and a Whiting Award winner among its authors, as well as relationships with urban school districts and numerous reading series held across southern California and in New York City.

Red Hen Press LogoRed Hen Press co-founder Kate Gale is the author of five books of poetry, and six librettos; she is also Managing Editor of the Los Angeles Review and President of the American Composers Forum, LA, in addition to her work at Red Hen Press. She spoke recently with CCC’s Chris Kenneally about what lies ahead for Red Hen.

“We have plans to do more and more e-books. All of our prose titles are available as e-books. I see us as having an increasing market for e-books and selling more of those,” Gale says. “I also think that we will do more anthologies, because anthologies seem to be still very interesting to people. And I see us using the Internet, viral marketing, and social media to do more and more of our publicity.”

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