Rose FoxAndrew AlbaneseThe rallying cry from Republican presidential candidates this winter is an echo of Ronald Reagan’s famous line that “government is not a solution to our problem – government is the problem.” That’s also a sentiment some publishers subscribe to, and they are taking the cause to Capitol Hill.

“This week, an intense discussion kicked up over a bill called the Research Works Act, which was introduced on December 16,” PW’s Andrew Albanese tells CCC’s Chris Kenneally. “It is a brief bill, but it would have wide ramifications, as it would bar federal government agencies from mandating that taxpayer-funded research be made freely available to the public.” For PW’s news section, Albanese adds, the main feature is also right from the campaign trail – a look at forthcoming election year political books.

PW reviews editor Rose Fox gives the good word on a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang sequel, and looks forward to Interrupted: A Life Beyond Words, an emotionally compelling and psychologically nuanced story of an adopted girl in Depression-era Maine, by 15-year-old debut author Rachel Coker.

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