Rose FoxAndrew AlbaneseAmazon Kindle catches Fire, and a publishing business obsessed by gadgets huddles around eReaders 2011 in San Francisco. For our special Friday feature in CCC’s podcast series, Andrew Albanese, PW’s Features Editor, reviews the latest publishing industry news with Chris Kenneally.

With the arrival of the latest Amazon device, competition finally comes to the tablet market. “It is going to be easier for Amazon to compete with Apple in the device market, with an inferior, but significantly lower-priced tablet, as well as its dedicated e-readers, than it will be for iBooks and iTunes to compete with Amazon’s e-reading platform, and retail experience,” Albanese predicts.

PW reviews editor Rose Fox, who blogs at PW’s Genreville, has highlights from the coming week’s reviews pages, including A.S. Byatt’s RAGNAROK, which overlays the apocalyptic Norse myth and the Blitz of London, and a Q&A with Bill Cosby, who talks about formative childhood experiences and proposing marriage to cartoonist George Booth.

Every week, CCC’s “Beyond the Book” speaks with the editors and reporters of “Publishers Weekly” for an early look at the news that publishers, editors, authors, agents and librarians will be talking about when they return to work on Monday.

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