Joel FriedlanderThe work of a book author has long been a solitary one. But in 2011, more authors are on their own than ever before – and many like it that way. From Amanda Hocking to Seth Godin – who each have recently self-published best-selling books – the ranks of DIY writers have swelled. As the e-book market flourishes, the appeal of self—publishing grows. And we’re not talking about your father’s vanity press.

Joining CCC’s Chris Kenneally to offer insights on self-publishing and to help authors ask the right questions before they self-publish is Joel Friedlander, who blogs at where he draws on more than 30 years in publishing. Friedlander also recently presented at the Self-Publishing Boot Camp held at Stanford University (the next session will be in San Francisco, February 20, 2012, in partnership with San Francisco Writers University.

Learn More (PDF): “How to Produce the Right Book”

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