Jack Hart“The universe,” poet Muriel Rukyeser observed, “is made up of stories, not atoms.” Writing coach to Pulitzer Prize winners and finalists, Jack Hart has a unified theory for storytelling thermodynamics: “Successful nonfiction storytelling requires a basic understanding of fundamental story theory and the story structures the theory suggests. Ignore them, and you’ll fight a losing battle with human nature. Master them, and you’re on your way to reaching a large and enthusiastic audience in just about any medium.”

StorycraftStorycraft, Hart’s latest book just out from University of Chicago Press, offers insights for writers that will also sharpen their readers’ critical faculties. From the essential features of a successful story, to the most common errors in nonfiction storytelling, Hart gives directions that illuminate the way to engaging narrative.

“Storytelling has such wide application because, at its root, it serves universal human needs,” Hart says. “Story makes sense out of a confusing universe by showing us how one action leads to another.”

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